Virginia History

1 Virginia's Constitution of 1902 made it difficult for African-Americans to vote because it required everyone to___
own a house
pay a poll tax
travel long distances
have a job.

2 The slave who led a rebellion against plantation owners was______
Nat Turner
Belle Boyd
Sally Tompkins
John Brown

3 Who wrote Virginia's constitution and also served as a delegate at the Constitutional Convention?
Thomas Jefferson
George Mason
George Washington
James Monroe

4 Which form of transportation contributed most to the growth of cities in Virginia during the early 1900's?

5 The United States entered World War II after Japan____
bombed Pearl Harbor
surrounded U.S. forts
captures U.S. submarines
invaded Germany

6 The Civil Rights Act made it illegal for businesses to_____
sell products in stores on Sundays
treat people unfairly
tax African-Americans
raise their prices

7 To be readmitted into the Union, each Confederate state had to____
write a new constitution
turn over all its weapons
pay off all its debts
give women the right to vote

8 After the Civil War, sharecropping developed mainly because ______
farmland was very expensive
farmers could not pay workers
food was very scarce
farmers were still fighting the Union

9 Which of the following happened during George Washington's presidency?
The Constitution was written and voted into law.
America became united as one nation of many states.
France sold Louisiana to the United States.
America entered into the War of 1812.

10 The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom gave Virginians the right to____
worship however they pleased
pay taxes to their church
miss church once a month
build an Anglican church

11 The United States doubled in size as a result of the_____
War of 1812
Virginia Plan
founding of Washington, D.C.
Louisiana Purchase

12 What Virginian invented the reaper?
Edmund Randolph
Thomas Jefferson
Matthew Maury
Cyrus McCormick