Virginia History Sites

Below is a list of Web sites about people, places, or events in Virginia's rich history. This list is by no means all that is out there. Many of these sites have links to other sites.


Colonial Virginia

From Encyclopedia Virginia. Miscellaneous historical information about Virginia

Jamestown Society

This site offers names of settlers of Jamestown, paintings depicting events there, a terrific quiz that can be taken online with immediate feedback. Great site!


Home of Thomas Jefferson, our third president. Explore his daily life and his wide-ranging interests. Also, "A day in the life of Jefferson"

Patrick Henry National Memorial

Provides information about Patrick Henry, his home, and his legacy.

Shirley Plantation

Visit Shirley Plantation along the James River. Has a teacher resource that correlates to the Virginia Standards of Learning.

The George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress

This is an outstanding timeline that includes other links.

Mt. Vernon

The Mt. Vernon Home page. Contains a tour, visitors guide, Educational.

Colonial National Historic Park

Guide to events, etc. Teachers Corner.

Williamsburg Ducksters history of Williamsburg

Civil War Years

Civil War Field Trips The drama of history through field trips. 

Civil War


Petersburg National Battlefield

Has many pictures. Under the History part is an online quiz with answer sheet. Also has teacher resources.

U.S. Civil War 1861-1865

A terrific Timeline of the Civil War

Statutes of Limitations - A Legal Guide A great Civil War and 14th amendment learning page. (Thanks, Ana)


Virginia History Podcast The Virginia History Podcast covers the rich history that has made the Commonwealth what it is today.  


List of US Presidents

Listed by many different categories. Interesting site.

Food History

Interesting notes and stories about food in American history.

Historical Markers A listing of the historical markers around the state of Virginia (As well as other states.)
Virginia Flag Picture and Description of Virginia's Official Flag
State Flags Links to the Flags of the States in the US
Historic Yorktown Short history of Yorktowns
VA History for Kids Ducksters history of Virginia

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Last Update: March 5, 2021